In an age of uncertainty organisations are stuck with engagement split


According to The State of HR Survey 2012 the level of uncertainty about the business environment which organisations are operating in increased by 50% over the last two years. Organisations which are operating in more uncertain environments are more likely to experience higher levels of stress, absence, workforce discontent and presenteeism.

Two out of five organisations say they have shortages in personnel in one or more key areas of business. As a side effect the survey shows talent shortages are related with longer working hours and increasing stress and presenteeism.

The management of employee engagement is rated number one on the list of major HR challenges for the fourth consecutive year. Employee engagement is often measured by most organisations (over 75%) in terms of job satisfaction and organisational commitment. Yet, the survey shows a strong decline of activities designed to enhance or maintain engagement. Furthermore, despite the rise of stress, presenteeism and working hours the issue of health and wellbeing is being ranked only ninth in HR priorities.

Source: King’s College London/Speechly Bircham, The State of HR Survey 2012: Facing continuing uncertainty [link]

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