The state of HR Service Delivery implementation in the Netherlands

HR Service Delivery

The state of HR Service Delivery in Dutch companies is young but developing. When implemented, HR Service Centers are mainly focused on supporting recruitment, transfer and layoff of employees, payroll services and HR policy. Also, in the survey among Dutch 500+ companies roughly 48,5% answered to have implemented an HR Contact Center as part of the multitier service delivery model. Outsourcing of services is relatively a young practice; merely 8,3% of the companies said its payroll services are done outside the company. In regard to the quality of the delivered service, less than 18 percent of the companies with an HR Service Center said they frequently use and communicate Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) with their customers and suppliers. This is also caused by the fact most companies do not have a concrete product and service catalogue in use.

Source: Vroom/Hunite research report, HR Service Delivery 2012 [link]

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